You dance and you laugh
                                 like everyone
                                                         enjoys seeing you dancing                                                         smiles seeing you laugh
And you drink bourbon 
                                                    just because you like saying bourbon

I don’t distaste you because you are an idiot
                                                              I distaste you because you are weak                                                        
There is just a string of nothingness left
and you use it to drag me around town
I’ve failed to cut it with my teeth
                                                    I have to admit, for something that’s made of nothing it’s quite resilient.
I’m seventeen
I’m gayI’m fifteen
I had sexI hate you
that’s why I boned you
  I feel that there shouldn’t be a word for virginity. It shouldn’t matter. Why don’t we have a word to describe the noise the water makes the instant it comes out of the tap? Because it’s not that important. That is how I feel for virginity: it’s not that important. If it is, oops, I’ve ruined it. 

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