what goes through my mind when I'm not talking:

I havent written anything on my blog for a while
do I wanna fuck her?
do I wanna be her?
am I asexual?
any kind of sexual at all?
do I really need to spend money on this icecream?
nothing is nice enough to take its photo
is George sad right now?
how long has it been since I last contributed to the conversation?
I should say something before they notice that I dont care what theyre talking about
I havent eaten anything today
I'm not hungry
I should eat
should I go blonde again?
I have 18 euros in my bank account
why is it that I've lost all motivation
even the motivation someone needs to kill herself.
at least there was a plan back then
(do you really wanna go back in time?)
I should start doing drugs
I should start going out, drinking


my mind's present is needed in the group.

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